Circular Economy Business Model
Enviromental Commitment 

Gender Equality
Reduce Waste
Fair Labour

“When we know better we do better”

Our company is founded on these values, we believe in progress towards a safer and cleaner environment for all children. Giving as much as we can whenever we can,  every workshop, course, event and product line gives back children here in Taiwan and Internationally around the world. We work with Grassroots projects, NGOs and charities.

We are committed to plant-based and vegan catering, working with local plant-based and vegan restaurants to provide all our meals and catering. The urban factory farming industry is more polluting than all our worlds transportation combined. Our environmental commitment is in everything we do and in all the choices we make. We believe in innovation and showing how design thinking and creativity is a way of life and extends beyond our classes.

When you give, it gives back to you. A circular business model is a sustainable one and you can be part of the positive impact. When you take part in our classes or support our products the impact is already taking place. It’s about teamwork and everyday little things that make the biggest difference.

“In this world we should help one another and what better way to do that, then through creativity?”

“We believe what we release in this world matters.”

“We send more kindness in the world we feel more kindness.”