The Design Thinking Kids by TOTES & TEES is a three-level Design Thinking program designed specifically for preteens aged 9-12 years old.

What makes this program unique? 
Currently, there are no Design Thinking programs designed for this specific age group. Why 9-12 years old? Pre-teens are at a very vital time in their lives, they are in between the innocence of being a kid and entering adolescence. If we think back to our own childhood we may find that many of our insecurities formed during this time. Hormones play a huge role in this process and transitional period, it creates confusion in our bodies and minds thus making us fall more easily into depression and making us feel confused about our identity. Children are facing depression at a younger age due to social media; constantly bombarded with information, opinions from society, peers and their family.

Problems that are arising and the skills children need to support their future. Ai (Artificial Intelligence) is booming and many jobs in our near future will be replaced by technology. TOTES & TEES focuses on nurturing human strengths: The ability to empathize, communicate, strategically think, creatively problem solve and connect through stories. These skills can help kids build a healthy inner dialogue to build up confidence and feel more grounded in their personal identity.

How can Design Thinking Help? Design Thinking is a human-centred approach to problem-solving. It is no wonder Universities like Standford, and companies like IDEO are pioneers at making design thinking more accessible to the public. Design Thinking is usually made of 5 core sections: Empathize (Empathy), Define, Ideate, Prototype and execution (test). We at TOTES & TEES follow these 5 core sections while combining it with global citizenship (fair fashion + philanthropy) to create a design thinking program that inspires as well as  powers both the mind and spirit.

Design Thinking allows us to view problems constructively and creatively. This kind of balance helps nurture strong thinkers as well as builds character towards personal development. Design Thinking is not used for short-term growth but an investment for long-term fulfilment. Why is this important in educating pre-teens?  The earlier individuals learn how to organize their thoughts, and are able to empathize with their own emotions (EQ and EC), learn how to see problems as challenges and not a burden, the better it is to survive hardships in life. Our mind acts as a muscle and it is through constant training can we become more resilient to stress and lead a more positive life.

Isn’t this what we wish for our kids and each other? Don’t we want to raise children into adults who can face hardships with confidence instead of fall victim to stress and depression? What if we could nurture these vital skillsets, as well as give children an opportunity to speak for themselves on what matters most to them? So our society can learn to respect children’s ideas and their voices.

The Design Thinking Kids by TOTES & TEES not only nurtures these key skillsets but we also give children a safe space to be heard, seen and respected for who they are and a way for them to empower themselves and other children.

Take a look at our 3 level program and see how our team and our company is truly one of a kind!

*EQ: Emotional Intelligence
*EC: Emotional Correctness

The Design Thinking Kids is made up of 3 core chapters.
Level 1: The Key to Design Thinking 
Level 2: Personal Signature 
Level 3: Global Citizenship 

The key to Design Thinking: Our goal in chapter 1 is switching on critical thinking and creative thinking to power dialogue for personal development. Why is this important? We are all born with the potential for greatness but often fall short because we don’t understand what makes us unique. We are also often categorized as either creative or logical thinkers yet many fail to understand that we need the balance of our left and right brains (logical and creativity) to truly bring ideas to life and support our goals.

In this chapter, children will learn how to tap into logical thinking through communication exercises, team building and critiquing their own and other peoples ideas in a constructive way; while also learning how to turn their given design brief into actual graphics through illustration and graphic design exercises. Children will also learn the basics of lino carving + block printing along with screen printing.

Level 1 Begins: 10 | 11 March  2018
Ends: 31 March | 1 April 2018
Time: Satureday | Sunday 11:30 – 17: 30
Location: here

Totes & Tees Course

(What we cover)

1. Research
2. Brainstorm
3. Sketch (Graphics for Print)
4. Selection
5. Technical Drawings
6. Refinement
7. Colour Theory + mixing class
8. Mockups
9. Print Stamp method
10. Typography

11 Constructive feedback / Critique
12. Confidence + Communication skills
13. Refinement for print
14. Process Journal
15. Entrepreneurial skills
16. Give back
17. Learn about materials and sustainability
* Excursions x2

* Exhibition / promote sell your designs
* Meet Taipei’s fashion designers / entrepreneurs

++ Bonus Workshops may be available if the students complete the course early. ++

*All teaching materials covered. Organic Tee + sustainable EcoMax tote. A percentage of any sold items at the exhibition + shop will be given to the individual young designers along with their full graphic rights and credit.

*For any further enquiries please contact Totes & Tees

*Who should apply? Any 9-12 year old male or female who is interested in the world of fashion + design! If you like ideas, creativity, drawing, seeing your personal design inspire others, this course is for you!