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We are TOTES & TEES, a design thinking social enterprise on a mission to reduce fashion waste and empower the lives of children through our workshops, courses and lifestyle brand.

We Combine fair fashion, graphic design and communication design to give you the tools of design thinking. You may or may not have heard of Design Thinking but to clarify, design thinking is a type of thinking process used to inspire innovation and creative problem solving. Some well-known names who are pioneers in delivering Design Thinking are Standford University and innovative consultancy companies like IDEO helping other companies use design thinking to create positive change and drive flow. TOTES & TEES teaches design thinking to nurture personal development and fight social stigma.

At TOTES & TEES, we empower you with Design Thinking to support your own personal development. Design Thinking is a human-centred approach to problem-solving. There are usually 5 key chapters within the design thinking process: Empathize, Define, Ideate, prototype and test. We take these 5 key chapters and combine it with fair fashion to showcase how to execute and break down ideas into visually tangible ideas that can be shared.

“Challenges and problems” stem from ourselves but it is usually our own thinking that is the hardest to tackle and breakdown. We wanted to make the process fun so we combined it with fashion, textile print design, graphic design and storytelling. Offering our participants a truly one of a kind experience.


Beneath each individuals, facade is a child that deserves, love, compassion, kindness and respect. We all deserve a place to feel safe, to breathe clean air, nourish our bodies with fresh water and non-toxic food. These are basic human needs and rights. I wanted to create a company that is a voice for honesty and open communication, to connect likeminded creatives of all disciplines to be a force for sustainable positive change. A place to nurture human connections in a genuine and authentic way. We are never too young or old make a difference in our own lives or be of service to others.

– Ann Liao | CEO  + Creative Director 


Our Environmental Commitment: We are deeply passionate about ethical materials and fair manufacturing, meaning all our products are ethically sourced, made and manufactured. We believe in global citizenship and we only partner with like-minded companies and brands. We have our focus on the environment, human lives and animals.

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